bangz park avenue


The following are just a short selection of extracts from our comments book written by real guests.  

Please feel free to read through the comments book or add a comment of your own when next in to see us.  In addition, we have more than 350 5 Star Reviews which can be accessed on the link on the Home Page.


"Absolutely loved my experience!  It's not every day you find an amazing place like Bangz".

 Natalie M


"I am a person that strives for excellence in all areas of my life.  Every time I come into the salon, there is always some new touch that is pleasing in so many different ways.  The salon is definitely a pass in my book.  It was and always is a pleasure to come in".          

 Alicia T


"The top salon in the entire Orlando area.  We've been customers for many years now...all our love".

 The M family


"Bangz is my home away from home.  The team at Bangz treat me like a family them all".

 Bobby H


"I love Bangz on Park Avenue.  I have been coming here for the past 5 years...and the staff are so friendly & helpful.  I would without a doubt recommend Bangz to anyone.  Thanks so much".

 Vanessa H


"Linda, thank you for always making me feel and look wonderful".

 Amanda F


"What an amazing experience.  Sonia is truly gifted in her expertise and as a person.  I am so glad I found Bangz".

 Pam E


"I love to come to Bangz Park Avenue because they make me feel so special and awesome...Laura makes me feel like a million dollars"!

 Ana D