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Janie spent the morning of Thanksgiving in Winter Garden. She set up a Salon area for the homeless and co-ordinated a team of stylists who were all volunteers from various salons to help over 50 clients.


Janie said "Everyone had so much fun & enjoyed helping to make others smile. We had showers for them to use, they then had their hair done,  picked new clothes, got changed & then enjoyed a fabulous  Thanksgiving Dinner."  A great day!

Janie helping to clean the showers before our visitors came!

Our home-made Salon!

One of lovely clients


Our Salon in full swing!

Thanksgiving with the Homeless

Bridal Show with Weddings around the World

Janie represented Bangz Park Avenue at the first Weddings around the World Event.


It was a great event organised by Liz Otts, the founder of Weddings around the World. Check them out for their latest Event :


At Bangz Park Avenue, we specialise in Special Event hair. Call us for more details. 407.645.2264 & ask for Janie to help

co-ordinate all of your needs.

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Click on the picture to go to their website

Janie representing!


Checking out the amazing Wedding Cakes

The beautiful models